This page has a link to all the stuff I've uploaded to my website. Over time I've uploaded all kinds of useful things that are sometimes hard to find elsewhere. Rather than wait for someone to ask on HLP were they can find LM2 or the like I've decided to simply index them here. Useful stuff that isn't actually on my site can be found in the links section.

HotU Crack PackVersion 1.20 of the Launcher, FRED, Root_Fs2.vp and the no CD cracked executable. Download this and install over the HotU build to upgrade to v1.2 without the hassle of using the [V] patch. .
HotU Registry Files (For XP)These registry files have been reported to fix problems with the HotU build on Windows XP. Download, extract and double click on them to add them.
Fred DocsThe HotU build doesn't include a copy of the FRED documentation so here's a copy. Download and unRAR to your FreeSpace2\Data folder
FreeSpace 2 Reference GuideA copy of the FreeSpace 2 Reference guide. This is a very useful resource for any FREDder as it has a list of Command Briefing Animations, A Node Map and a list of the possible names for wings amongst other things.
FreeSpace Tools
3D ExplorationVersion 1.18 of this 3D model conversion program.
BrightAlthough the newer EFF format is vastly superior to the .ani format FreeSpace also uses people developing for retail will still have to use it for animations. Bright allows you to convert files to the pcx format that the various ani making tools use while remapping them all to a single palette.
MVE to AVIVersion 2.4 of the program used for converting the MVE files retail FreeSpace uses into avi files which FS2_Open can use. Details on how to do that can be found here
DerelictMany people have had trouble running the standard download of Derelict on retail. This package has been reported to work in those cases. If you are using FS2_Open you should use Blaise Russel's edited version instead as this has fixed many of the bugs in the original.
Lightning Marshal R2Release 2 of The Lightning Marshal which for some odd reason can't be found on their website.
FS2 Multiplayer CampaignAceRimmer and kv1at3485's edit of the main FS2 campaign which allows cooperative multiplayer play. (Now a part of the media VP files. This download is just for those people who aren't using the media VP files.
Silent Threat CutscenesSilent Threat shipped with a few extra movies in the secret\supersecret folder. For those of you who don't have it here are the most important 3. ShipHit, TVFight and the infamous Headz vid.