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How can I get FS2_Open to play the cutscenes?
Common FS2_Open errors

How can I get FS2_Open to play the cutscenes?

This one is such a common question that it has it's own page here.

Common FS2_Open errors

These errors aren't specific to any build. As a result they generally are pointers to some rather big mistakes that can be made rather than a bug with a specific build. It is of course possible that a bug can also cause one of these errors but you should check that you haven't made the error described below first. Occasionally FS2_Open will quit out with no visible error. On these occasions (In fact in all crashes) the cause is written to a text file called errorlog.txt in the Freespace2 folder. You may want to check the errors in that against this list too.

Assert: Web_cursor_bitmap >= 0

I've seen two main causes for this one.
  1. You've put the FS2_Open .exe file somewhere other than your FreeSpace 2 folder. FS2_Open and the launcher MUST be in the main Freespace2 folder or they won't work.
  2. You've deleted (or somehow corrupted) your standard VP files. A lot of people assume that the media VP files replace the standard FS2 ones. They don't. They merely add to them. You'll probably have to reinstall FS2 to get them back if you deleted them.

Error: Error parsing 'weapons.tbl' Error code = 2.

This is often caused for the same reason as the web cursor error above. Check those reasons first. Another cause is if you try to run an old build newer VP files. Since there may have been additions to the code between the two the weapons.tbl in the VP contains new things the old code doesn't understand and is crashing as a result. The simple solution is to make sure that you never run VP files that are newer than the version of FS2_Open you are running unless you know exactly what you are doing.